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lucas bladen // photographer // Graphic Designer

I remember when I first picked up a camera at the age of seven, in absolute awe when I saw that an image appeared on the screen when I pressed the shutter button down. I instantly fell in love with the art of it. As for graphics and design, that passion came to me later in life when I started taking design classes in grade 10 and learned the process of how visuals were created. I have formal training in Visual Communication and Design from AU Arts, and have been shooting photos professionally for the past 2 years, working with clients from friends, classmates, and coworkers, to organizations such as GlobalFest Calgary, Tourism Calgary, and various freelance work for media companies.

Instagram: @lucaswkbladen


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ibraheem uthman // Photographer // WRITER // Business development

Helping people by doing what I love is a win-win in my eyes. From a young age, I’ve been captivated by film. Reading a story is always great but seeing a story is even better. The art of capturing the feelings, experiences, and ideas of others has long been an interest of mine. Writing for films is different than writing literature, it's not about creating an image in one's mind but rather controlling the image they see. In film what you’re showing matters as much as how you show it. The content for great films are all around us; everyone has experiences, feelings, and ideas worthy of the screen just not the skills to show it. I and the entire team at Snowflk Productions seek to enable those ideas and give them the attention they deserve so that they can be as successful as possible.

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Duncan mcmillan // cinematographer // Video editer

From product B-roll and wedding films to narrative cinematography, since I was 8 I have been absolutely engrossed with creating moving images that tell a story and capture the moment. I then fell in love with how I could take those 24 images per second and mix, match, and play with them to make something truly unique. Last year I shot and co-edited the film I am Sitting in a White Room that went on to win 2 awards at the Artifact Small Format Film Festival in Calgary, Alberta. Every morning I wake up with a passion and drive to capture the world in a new, engaging, and interesting way that will turn heads and expand one’s personal view of the world.